in one breath

SkEtChEs of my everyday life through tiny words, artworks, quotes, clips, and snapshots— capturing a moment in time.

Journal.7 Feb 2023p

evening silence

after the rain…

farewell to my beloved Uncle



Journal.7 Feb 2023a

still in bed in mid-afternoon the rain continues


Journal.06 Feb 2023

sound of crickets a brief rain in the night


Journal.05 Feb 2023

here and there

shadows against shadows

the almost full moon


Journal.04 Feb 2023

the rustle of leaves

on a cloudy afternoon

two cats asleep


Journal.03 Feb 2023

the feel of summer

and not summer yet-

February sun


Journal.02 Feb 2023

February sun-

the gathering of stray cats

in the dappled shade


Journal.01 Feb 2023

can’t help falling in love


the swelling buds of roses


Journal. 31 Jan 2023

deep night-

a reconciliation

with my bank statement


Journal. 30 Jan 2023

the moon and the sun

at the same time-

clear blue sky


Journal. 29 Jan 2023

so soon

the color of summer-

Pink Pixies in bloom


Journal. 28 Jan 2023

the sun

so clear in the puddle-

morning sky


Journal. 27 Jan 2023

empty night sky-

the road home from work

bumpy and cold


Journal. 26 Jan 2023

starry sky-

a blank page

in my journal