in one breath

SkEtChEs of my everyday life through tiny words, artworks, quotes, clips, and snapshots— capturing a moment in time.

Journal. 24 Apr 2022


Journal. 18 Apr 2022

endless memories-

the rows of acacia trees

in summer


Journal. 10 Apr 2022

intermittent rain-

the morning song of bulbul

still lingers


Journal. 02 Apr 2022

summer heat-

re-learning the how-tos

of bun hairstyling


April Fool’s Day… thunderstorms in summer


Journal. 24 Mar 2022

off to work-

the chase of the two

white butterflies


Journal. 23 Mar 2022

warmer breeze

cooler songs-

the early summer morning


Journal. 17 Mar 2022

officially, summer begins

the almost full moon

hiding behind the clouds


Journal. 16 Mar 2022

moon viewing-

the long chirp of crickets

after a brief rain


Journal. 07 Mar 2022

hint of summer-

under the starry sky

the chirp of crickets


Journal. 17 Feb 2022

getting to know you more

this pandemic

— my old reliable Ford


Journal. 16 Feb 2022


the swelling buds of hibiscus

day by day


Journal. 08 Feb 2022

evening sky–

the silence and colder breeze

in the garden


Journal. 18 Jan 2022

moonlight radiance…

the yellowness of the hibiscus

even more